Summer Training & Internship Programme 2022



Biswajit Banik

The course of training is very good. From this training i learn so many things like C#, HTML, ASP.NET, Web Page Design etc. which are very helpful for me and my carrier. I hope this type of training will be held in future in our state. This taining is a very good experience for me and special thanks for Mr. Rahul Verma Sir for teach us so many things in this training.

- Biswajit Banik, ASP.NET with C#

Siddhanta Roy

This course helped me to gather more information about Android and encouraged me to work further on Android Applications.

- Siddhanta Roy, Android Application Development

Sourav Dey

The course has provided sufficent knowledge to gain information and learning Android Application very smoothly.

- Sourav Dey, Android Application Development

Suraj De

The course was an exciting opportunity to learn about the newest technology in the virtual business, Android and rightly so, it was an amazing experience throught the learning journey.

- Suraj De, Android Application Development

Tridip Dey

With the help of this course, I got familier with Android Technology. I hope, it will help me to become a better Professional in the future.

- Tridip Dey, Android Application Development

Ankit Kumar Sahu

It is really a very useful course for those who really want to learn Web Design. It helped me a lot as i got to know the basics and some Advance Concept. I learned HTML, C# and ASP.NET + Java in this course.

- Ankit Kumar Sahu, ASP.NET with C#

Dimitra Debnath

It was indeed wonderful experience , learning ASP.NET including practicals from the concerned teacher(Sir Rahul Verma). The explaination was useful though for us to do the thing at home even. Thank you WebGanges Thank you Rahul Sir

- Dimitra Debnath, ASP.NET with C#

Snigdha Chamka

I was a good experience to have training on ASP.NET from Microsoft Technology.

- Snigdha Chamka, ASP.NET with C#

Priyanka Tripura

I really enjoyed in this course. I am success to learn to ASP.NET, Microsoft Technology.

- Priyanka Tripura, ASP.NET with C#

Jyoti Raj

It was a good experience to have a taining in .NET Technology from WebGanges.

- Jyoti Raj, ASP.NET with C#

Atul K Katiyar

STC program is excellent for learning the technology.

- Atul K Katiyar, Syestem Admin

Priyanka Srivastava

Training which has been given by Mr. Rahul was excellent in the manner that he has taught us from the basics, with full explaination. The way of explaining the concepts is really good. I would like to attend more training of new technologies from him & would definately try to suggest my students to join it.

- Priyanka Srivastava, Lucturer-Computer Science

Divya Tomar

Training sessions was very interesting and interactive. Mr. Rahul taught in a very simple and interactive way. I enjoyed training alot.

- Divya Tomar, Lucturer-Computer Science


Training Quality was very Good. Lecture delivered in a good manner, every thing was understandable.

- M.A.Beg, Computer Programmer

Sapna Pal

Course content was explained to the best.

- Sapna Pal, Assistant Professor

Radhey Shyam

Very Good

- Radhey Shyam, Teacher cum Reasearch Fellow

Chandra Kant Shukla

The training session was very attractive but the training duration is short and trainer are delivered lecture in very attractive way and they simplified all the things very clearly, but the course duration should be upto 10 days.

- Chandra Kant Shukla, Lucturer-Computer Science


Explaination is good. Ability to summarize the topics in a very easy and understandable manner in the short amount of time. Very cooperative with us.

- R.K.Maurya, Lucturer-Computer Science

Annie Irfan

A very knowledge training.Gives an insight about .NET framework from beginning to building website application ,using AJAX and bootstrep.

- Annie Irfan, Research scholar cum Teacher

Madhu Siddhartha

Almost covered from beginning all concepts of ASP.NET and a very good trainer.Good skills and good material and knowledge provided by them.

- Madhu Siddhartha, Faculty

Gaurav Vats

Better experience as came to be in touch withupdated version.It should be more than 15 day as per requirment and availablity.

- Gaurav Vats, Assistant Professor

Arunima Mishra

Program content was good.Program cordinator soft and techinical skills are good

- Arunima Mishra, Research scholar cum Teacher

Anita Pal

Excellent subject knowledge .Selection of course content is very good.

- Anita Pal, Research scholar cum Teacher

Anita Pal

Excellent subject knowledge .Selection of course content is very good.

- Anita Pal, Research scholar cum Teacher

Priyanka Gupta

It is very knowledge session .Ihad learned about ASP.NET.It is really very intersting session .Industry trainer has explained very clearly and good practical knowledge

- Priyanka Gupta, Faculty

Ritika Yaduvanshi

It is a very interesting.I learn more and get knowledge for ASP.NET.I don't know about ASP.NET and now I am able to teach ASP.NET because of this program.

- Ritika Yaduvanshi, Faculty

Savita Singh

According to my openion all the lecture delivered by expert are very good.

- Savita Singh, Faculty

Mahima Shankar

According to my openion are the lecture delivered by expert are very good.

- Mahima Shankar, Faculty

Dr.Ajay Kumar Bharti

Technical Session and lab Session are intresting and infermative.

- Dr.Ajay Kumar Bharti, Faculty

Ramesh Kumar

Very Good

- Ramesh Kumar, Assistant Professor

Shilpi Khanna

Excellent Programme ,tried well to explain each and every thing related to the subject conserned.Please circulate the information by any means of your Programme held in Lucknow in the near future.

- Shilpi Khanna, Assistant Professor

Ajay Kumar Gupta

Programe are excellent.

- Ajay Kumar Gupta, Faculty

Ashutosh Singh

A very good workshop and even better teacher would like to attand more workshop like this.

- Ashutosh Singh, Research scholar cum Teacher

Shafeeq Ahmad

Nice experience durining period.

- Shafeeq Ahmad, Professor

Richa Mishra

A very good workshop and ever better teacher would like to attend more workshops like this.

- Richa Mishra, Research scholar cum Teacher

Richa Mishra

A very good workshop and ever better teacher would like to attend more workshops like this.

- Richa Mishra, Research scholar cum Teacher

Pratibha Maurya

Highely impresed by the method of teaching ,sincerty,discipline,and knowledge.Looking forward to attend more such training courses with you as ainstructor.

- Pratibha Maurya, Assistant Professor

Jay Prakash Maurya

It would be good if we give more time for it and overall its good

- Jay Prakash Maurya , Faculty

Natthan Singh

The course contents are very relevent .Course is very well organised and coordinated.

- Natthan Singh, Assistant Professor

Ramphal Maurya

According to my openion all the lecture delivered by expert are very good and presentation skill are also very overall performance and arrangement are very good

- Ramphal Maurya, Faculty


Trainer is very good.But limitation of time he did not gives depth knowledge and the other reason is software installation ,light problem.

- Mohd.Ishaque, Instructor