React JS

React JS

React in Javascript is used to design and develop single page applications. It is the most popular view library backed by Facebook.

React library comes with great components like architecture, data binding, declarative views with which you can develop dynamic frontend applications.

In the beginners level, we have the fundamentals which include an introduction to React. The react developmental style, its advantages and why people should prefer to React. Then we focus on how to get started with React like how to set it up, run the React app, how to react to the ecosystem and Virtual DOM. Our tutors also guide and discuss the interlinkage of JSX with React. What is render elements, understanding and creating React components, props and state, component lifestyle are all included in our course. introduction to one way data flow in React, props, and state, passing data to child component and handling the state of component everything is elaborated. React involves various events and actions like data binding, communication with events, handling events and activities all of which are given in focus we have redux flow, and actions, and action flow which is also discussed in depth.

These concepts include root and root reducers, dispatch actions and action creators, async flow, promises, and async action creators. We also discuss routing in which we understand and define the routes I  routing and how to handle it. Introduction to React forms, REST and Postman, creating form and forms validations, creating REST API using express, testing REST API using Postman REST client is also discussed in depth. Developing REST services and REST service CRUD operations are also an important part of this course. Lastly, we involve the complex concept of cloud deployment Heroku which involves deploying using Github, react hosting options and hosting react app on cloud server Heroku.


  • In React we learn about the various frameworks involved in Facebook, Instagram, and other apps to build smooth working web and mobile apps.
  • Complete knowledge about React components and the advanced components involved,
  • React js is used by world top companies like Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, seat geek with an average salary of $110K. hence it leads to the highway of a students career.

All new learners who want to excel in the field of web development using ract shoul pt for this course. People having basic knowledge will always have more advantage. People with basic knowledge about web development will have more advantages. Although we start from the beginning so even beginners won't face any problem.

Anyone who wants to learn React with Redux should have a basic knowledge of programming.

  • Introduction to React
  • Why React?
  • Advantages of React
  • React Development Style

  • Setting up an React App
  • Running an React App
  • React Initialization Process
  • React Virtual DOM
  • React Ecosystem

  • Introduction to JSX
  • Render Elements
  • Understanding Component
  • Creating a Component
  • Props and State
  • Component Lifecycle

  • Introduction to One Way Data Flow in React
  • Props and State
  • Passing Data to Child Component
  • Handling State of Component

  • Events in React
  • Data Binding
  • Events and Actions
  • Handling Events
  • Communication Among Components

  • Introduction to Redux
  • Redux vs. Flux
  • Redux Flow Overview
  • Redux Setup

  • Actions
  • Reducers and Root Reducers
  • Store
  • Dispatch Actions
  • Action creators

  • Async Action Creators
  • Async Flow
  • Promises

  • Understanding Routing
  • Defining Routes
  • Routes Handling

  • Introduction to React Forms
  • Creating Forms
  • Forms Validations

  • Creating REST API using Express
  • Introduction to Postman
  • Testing REST API using Postman REST Client

  • Introduction to REST
  • Developing REST services
  • REST Service CRUD Operations

  • Deploying using Github
  • React Hosting Options
  • Hosting React App on cloud server - Heroku

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