Ruby Programming

Ruby Programming

The content of this course will simplify each and every topics of Ruby Programming Language in Details along with Illustrative Examples. All topics covered first contains the slides explanation followed by Live Coding in Aptana Studio 3.

Ruby is a dynamic, open source, object oriented and reflective programming language. Ruby is considered similar to Perl and Smalltalk programming languages. It runs on all types of platforms like Windows, Mac OS and all versions of UNIX.

It is fully object oriented programming language. Everything is an object in Ruby. Each and every code has their properties and actions. Here properties refer to variables and actions refer to methods.

This course is well designed for all beginners who desire to Learn Ruby in depth along with Conceptual Description.

The content of this course will simplify each and every topics of Ruby Programming Language in Details along with Illustrative Examples. All topics covered first contains the slides explanation followed by Live Coding in Aptana Studio 3.

Let me make things more simple about this course. This course contains all topics that a noob programmer needs to become adaptive and expert in programming language. Trust me guys, your learning experience is going to be the one you have never experienced before anywhere.

At the end of this course you will learn various topics along with Live Codes. The topics covered are Interactive Ruby, Introduction, Ruby Syntax, Taking User Input, Methods || Functions, Conditional Statements, Ruby Class and Various Variables like Local, Instance, Class and Global variables, Getter Setter and Initialize Methods and their Shortcuts, Class variable (@@x) & Selfmethod( ) ,Various Loops, Ruby Modules and Class, Require and Require Relative Statements, Ruby Include Statements and Mixins, Ruby Blocks, Yields " &Block ", Arrays and 2D Arrays along with all it's Pre- defined Methods, Hash and it's pre-defined Operations, Inheritance, Operator Overloading, Overriding Methods, Freezing Objects, Linguistics, Procs and Lambda in Details, Ruby date and Time , Debugging Codes.

All Code Lovers Any Non- Experienced Coders All Ruby Learning Enthusiasts

Before learning Ruby, you must have the basic knowledge of any programming language.

  • Ruby Installation
  • Ruby Installation : Setting up Path Variable

  • Introduction to Ruby - Interactive Ruby Programming : IRB
  • Interactive Ruby Programming ( IRB Shell )

  • Ruby Syntax and Basics : Getting Started
  • Ruby Syntax and Basics - Coding in Workspace and Create Project

  • Taking User Input
  • Taking User Input - Further Discussion with Codes

  • Methods - Functions in Ruby
  • More on Methods in Ruby

  • Conditional Statements : IF, ELSE IF, ELSE
  • Conditional Statements : UNLESS , CASE WHEN

  • Introduction to Class - Local and Instance Variable , Class and Global Variable
  • Coding with Ruby Class
  • Everything in Ruby is Object

  • Getter, Setter and Initialize method in Ruby Class
  • Codes for Getter, Setter and Initialize method in Ruby Class

  • Shortcut to getter, setter methods and use of to_s method in Ruby Class
  • Codes for shortcut of getter, setter and also for to_s method

Codes for Class Variable and Self.method in Ruby Class

  • While Loop and While Modifier
  • Until Loop and Until Modifier with CODES & SYNTAX
  • For Loop and its Alternative .each loop
  • More on Loops in Ruby

  • Break Statement with Codes in Ruby
  • NEXT and REDO statements with codes in Ruby

  • Blocks and yield, with and without parameters
  • Block codes
  • (&block) Passing BLOCK as parameter to a method

  • Module concept and its codes
  • Module with Class along with descriptive Example

  • Require and Require Relative statements
  • Require and Require Relative codes

INCLUDE Statement concept having Modules, Class, Require.

Mixins in Ruby with concept and Codes

  • Arrays and its Fundamentals
  • Arrays and InBuilt Methods
  • Arrays - Learn Array Pre-defined Methods

  • 2D Array Concept, Fundamentals and Codes
  • 2D Array - InBuilt Funtions

  • Hash - Assoc(), Delete, Empty, Clear, Eql, Has Value : Inbuilt Methods
  • Hash - Print all Keys and Value using INSPECT Method using 4 Loops
  • Hash - assoc(), reassoc(), delete(), merge(), merge!, update()

Random Numbers

  • Menu - Practise example Codes
  • Menu - Practise example Codes - Continued

  • Inheritance In Ruby - Conceptual Description
  • Inheritance with codes - How to access variables and methods with Code
  • Inheritance with Codes - Access Constructor, Methods and use of Self.Class
  • Method Overriding - Inheritance Part - 4

  • Operator overloading - Using "+" method
  • Operator Overloading - Using Comparable operators
  • Operator Overloading - Arithematic operators
  • Operator Overloading - Overloading operators related to ARRAY

  • Freezing Objects - How to Freeze object and how to check whether it is frozen?
  • Linguistics - Various Operations using Linguistics

  • Ways to define proc object and converting a Block into a proc
  • Procs object creation and also Normal Lambda creation
  • Procs and its more concepts with fundamentals and codes
  • Procs and ARITY method
  • Difference between Procs and lambda using CONTROL FLOW KEYWORDS

  • Time and Date - Introduction with Important Details
  • Various operations on Time
  • Date and DateTime Class
  • Formatting Time and Date

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