MongoDB is a NoSQL database cross-platform document-oriented database program written in C++. MongoDB comes under the category of a NoSQL database. Mongodb is a NoSQL database (documen-oriented) which is used for high volume of data storage.MongoDB is a database which came into existence around the mid year of 2000s.

In MongoDB lectures we will cover all the topics of MongoDB database like insert documents, delete documents, update documents, query documents, projection, sort() and limit() methods, create a collection, drop collection along with all the theoretical and practical approach to clear all the concepts. There are also given MongoDB interview questions so that the students can easily understand the complex situation of the real market business.
Despite having a similar functionality with the other NoSQL technologies, MongoDB has created its own distinctive identity for itself. This is because:-

  • It is Suitable for real-time analytics and processing massive amounts of queries.
  • It uses internal memory of the system to store data hence it has faster access to the internet.
  • The Embedded documents and arrays in MongoDB reduce need to use expensive joins.
  • It is very user-friendly and has the Ability to run over multiple servers.
  • The data is kept in shards so the data is collected and the load is maintained.
  • Failures are easily administered and monitored during failures.

We start from the basics starting from MongoDB introduction. This includes MongoDB modeling, its history, its features, its databases, its advantages and how to install it. The database operation is discussed in depth. In this creating and dropping database is most focused on. Next, we move on to creating a collection and dropping collection. The MongoDB crud operations are the most essential topic which includes inserting, update, delete and query updates. Various MongoDB database connectivity and MongoDB drivers are also discussed. Some of the MongoDB drivers are Java, Python, PHP, android,Node.Js while some of the MongoDB database connectivity like java MongoDB CRUD, Python CRUD, PHP CRUD and many more. There are many miscellaneous other topics which mainly include MongoDB sort and MongoDB limit.

Software Architects, web developers, System Administrators, Database Professionals who aim to enhance their knowledge and skills of database management Project Managers can apply for this job. We start from the very basic even for beginners and also for professionals to build a strong base. We guide our students in such a way that they can guide other aspiring students interested in this field.

Before learning MongoDB, you must have the basic knowledge of SQL and OOPs.

  • What is MongoDB
  • MongoDB History
  • MongoDB Features
  • No SQL Databases
  • Advantages over RDBMS
  • MongoDB Data Types
  • Install MongoDB
  • MongoDB Shell
  • MongoDB Data Modeling

  • Create Database
  • Drop Database

  • Create Collection
  • Drop Collection

  • Insert Documents
  • Update Documents
  • Delete Documents
  • Query Documents

  • MongoDB limit()
  • MongoDB sort()

MongoDB Drivers

  • Java - Driver
  • PHP - Driver
  • Python - Driver
  • C#.NET - Driver
  • Node.js - Driver
  • Android - Driver

MongoDB Database Connectivity:

  • Java - MongoDB(CRUD)
  • PHP - MongoDB(CRUD)
  • Python - MongoDB(CRUD)
  • C#.NET - MomgoDB(CRUD)
  • Node.js - MongoDB(CRUD)
  • Android - MongoDB(CRUD)

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