Dart Programming

Dart Programming

Dart is an object-oriented language that uses C style syntax and optionally trans-compiles into JavaScript. It is used for the Hybrid Mobile App Development.

In our Dart programming course, we teach from the beginners level. We teach how to develop flutter apps for android and iOs and other web apps using Dart programming language. Dart programming supports a wide range of programming aids like interfaces, classes, collections, generics, and optional typing.it also supports both loose and strong typing making it much easier to use when switching from one language to another. It enables to build different types of apps and single page applications that enable navigation between different screens of the website without loading a different webpage in the browser.

In our Dart programming, we offer various courses starting from the basics that are an introduction to Dart language. In this, we focus on the installation process and how to write our first dart program. We learn about different variables, data types such as strings, string literals, and string Interpolation. defined use of constants using final and const keyword is also illustrated. Different statements like the use of control flow statements, loop control statements are briefly discussed.  Exploring various functions like syntax and its properties, function expressions and methods are also encountered. Object-oriented dart programming like the class, objects, inheritance demo, abstract class and abstract method all are given equal importance. Exploring lambdas and high order function are discussed under lambda high order function. Rest includes dart collection framework, set and HashSet, map, callable classes, and hashMap.


In this we learn:-

  • The programming logic foundation, reading, and writing,
  • The concept of OOPS in Dart, as well as of other languages like Java, Kotlin, C++, PHP,
  • Used to build web, server, desktop, and mobile applications,
  • Use IntelliJ IDE,
  • Larn, read and write Kotlin with condition and control,
  • Learning to develop basic flutter apps as well as professional apps using Dart, the new Java-based programming language developed by Google.


Students from web development and software background are more suitable for this course. However, we encourage every student and motivate them towards their goal. Students who want to pursue a career in advanced programming can take us this course and excel in professional fields. we provide adequate exposure to every single and important component advanced training to make our students expertise. Our certification further increases the student's value in the market place more.

The course assumes that the learners have adequate exposure to object-oriented programming concepts. If you have worked on JavaScript, then it will help you further to grasp the concepts of Dart quickly.

  • Dart Installation: Setup DartPad or INTELLIJ IDEA for Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Dart Hello World : Write your First Dart Program
  • Exploring Comments

  • Data Types and Variables in Dart
  • Strings, Literals and String Interpolation
  • Define Constants using 'final' and 'const' keyword

  • IF ELSE Conditional Statements
  • Conditional Expressions
  • SWITCH and CASE conditional statements

  • Learn FOR Loop and how it works
  • Learn WHILE Loop and how it works
  • Learn DO WHILE Loop and how it works
  • BREAK Statement with Labelled FOR Loop
  • CONTINUE Statement with Labelled FOR Loop

  • Learn Syntax and Properties
  • Functions or Methods
  • Functions Expressions
  • Optional Positional Parameters
  • Optional Named Parameters

  • Learn how to handle Exceptions?
  • Create custom Exception class

  • Explore Class, Objects, Instance Variables and Reference Variables
  • Constructors: Default, Named and Parameterized
  • Getter, Setter and Private Instance Variables
  • Exploring Inheritance
  • Inheritance Demo
  • Method Overriding: Polymorphism
  • Default and Named Constructors during Inheritance
  • Abstract Class and Abstract Method
  • Interface
  • Static Variables and Method

  • Exploring Lambdas
  • Exploring Higher-Order Function
  • Closures

  • List: Fixed-length
  • List: Growable
  • Set and HashSet
  • Map and HashMap
  • Callable Classes

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