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Summer Training Program 2018

JAVA Enterprise(J2EE)-Google Web Toolkit(GWT) Training Course

About Course
    The course is basically designed for developers, learners to familiarize with JAVA IDEs like Eclipse to develop GWT applcation. Developers can use code auto-complete/refactoring/navigation/project management and all features of IDEs which help them to develop Rich Internet Application(RIA).

Course Objectives
    The Course will allow learners
  • To gain deep understanding of JAVA language features.
  • To understand features of Eclipse, Netbean Integrated Development Environment.
  • To create and manage strings, arrays, collections and enumerators using JAVA Standard Library(JSL).
  • To learn large number of development tools using Java Development Kit(JDK)
  • To create simple to complex application using Java
  • To learn major concepts behind Java Runtime Environment
  • To carry out and learn the concept of Object Orientation.
  • To create classes and interfaces which are efficient and appropriate for given programming scenarios
  • Google Web Toolkit(GWT) - Javascripting using Java, Building Rich Internet Application with GWT
  • Hibernate - Most Popular Java Persistence Framework for Object Relational Database Mapping

    Before joining any Professional Programming Courses students should have very basic knowledge of any one programming language like "C", "C++", or any other programming language basics. It will be helpfull to understand the subject in easiest and in better way.

Syllabus Overview
  • Core Java
  • Java Enterprise(JEE)
  • Using JEE in web Application
  • Introduction to JSP Pages
  • Introduction to Servlet
  • Using XML in Java
  • Using web Services in java- REST and SOAP

  • Creating Web Front-End(Traditional Way)
  • Building App. using JSP, Servlets, HTML & CSS Pages
  • Building Web Forms, Table, Frames and Multimedia
  • Generating Front End Dynamically using Servlets
  • Handling Web Security in Application.
  • Database Handling using My Sql
  • Deploying Web Service Application

  • Creating Web Front-End(Modern Way)
  • Google Web Toolkit Overview
  • Introduction to GWT Environment
  • Developing Web Application in GWT
  • Using Eclipse IDE for GWT
  • Building UI with GWT
  • Widgets-Basic Widget, Form Widgets, Complex Widgets and Composite Widgets
  • Style with CSS on Widget
  • Layout Panels
  • Event Handling in GWT
  • Using UI Binder
  • RPC Communication
  • Debug and Deploying Application

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