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Summer Training Program 2018

Ethical Hacking Level -2

Recomended for: Working Professionals , Entrepreneurs

Course Objectives
    The Course will allow learners
  • Improve your CV & Apply for more right job interviews.
  • Learn what others will learn later.
  • High career growth with advanced skills.
  • Work part time as a freelancer along with your studies
  • Have increased self esteem and respect from fellows.
  • Give companies extra reasons to hire you.
  • Secure your personal data.

Syllabus Overview
  • 1.Introduction To Backtrack OS
  • 2.Creating Virtual Lab For Pentesting Using Vmware Workstation
  • 3.Backtrack Commands
  • 4.Introduction To Metasploit
  • 5.Metasploit Commands Usage
  • 6.Introduction To Armitage
  • 7.Armitage Usage
  • 8.Information Gathering Using Backtrack Tools
  • 9.Scanning Using Backtrack
  • 10.DMitry – Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool
  • 11.Hack Windows 7 PC in LAN using Blaze Video HDTV Player Pro v6.6
  • 12.Social Engineering Toolkit Attacks:
  • > Browser Autopawn
  • > AttackTabnabbing
  • > Webjacking
  • > Remote administration Tool Attack
  • 13.Hack Remote PC using Apple QuickTime
  • 14.Hack Remote Windows or Linux PC using Java Applet
  • 15.Windows Gather Directory Permissions Enumeration
  • 16.Introduction To Meterpreter
  • 17.Meterpreter Commands Usage
  • 18.Hack Windows PC using gAlan
  • 19.Hack Remote PC using Orbit Downloader
  • 20.How to use Windows Share Folder in Backtrack
  • 21.Gathering Installed Applications In Victims PC
  • 22.Gather USB Drive History of Victim Pc
  • 23.Disconnect Wireless Connection Of Remote PC
  • 24.Exploiting Windows7 In Lan
  • 25.Exploiting Windows XP machine in Lan
  • 26.Bypass Windows Escalate UAC Protection
  • 27.Hack UAC settings in Windows 7
  • 28.Hack Remote Linux PC using msfpayload
  • 29.Create a Backdoor in Server using BackTrack
  • 30.Hack Windows 7 PC using USB Device and SET Toolkit
  • 31.Email Enumeration Tool (Employees Footprinting)
  • 32.Hack Windows 7 PC with Poison Ivy 2.3.2 C&C Server Buffer
  • 33.Attack on Remote PC using HTTP Code Injection
  • 34.Hack Remote XP PC using Microsoft Windows OLE Object
  • 35.LFI/RFI Testing and Exploiting with fimap

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