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Summer Training Program 2018

Android Application Development Training Course

About Course
    The course is basically designed for developers, learners to familiarize with Android Development Kit using Java IDEs like Eclipse to develop Android applcation. The training period allows the developer to understand different features of Android used for coding, debugging, tuning and deploying applications of Mobile

Course Objectives
    The Course will allow learners
  • To gain deep understanding of JAVA and XML language features.
  • To understand features of Eclipse, Android Development Environment.
  • To create and manage Android Application using inbuilt powerful Emulator in Eclipse.
  • To learn large number of development tools using Android Development Tool(ADT)
  • To create simple to complex application using Java
  • To learn major concepts behind Graphics and Animation, Multimedia, Maps, Location Services
  • To carry out and learn the concept of Object Orientation.
  • To create Intents, Activities and Layout which are efficient and appropriate for given programming scenarios

    Before joining any Professional Programming Courses students should have very basic knowledge of any one programming language like "C", "C++", Java or any other programming language basics. It will be helpfull to understand the subject in easiest and in better way.

Syllabus Overview
  • An introduction to Java
  • Android Overview
  • Android SDK Features
  • An introduction to Development Framework
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine Overview
  • Using Eclipse with Android Development Tool for Android Apps.
  • Creating Android Apps. and Activities
  • Building User Interface - Android Widget Toolbox
  • Working on Files, Saving State and Preferences
  • Working on Database and Content Providers
  • Working on Action bar, Toast and Dialogs
  • Introducing Notificaton
  • Using Internet Resources
  • Working with Animations and Events
  • Using Sensors and Sensor Manager
  • Working on Maps, Geocoding and Location Based Services
  • Working with Audio, Video, Bluetooth and Camera
  • Working with Telephony, MMS and SMS

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